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Getting By

Getting By

A simple repository of largely nonsensical wittering. It may (or may not) be to do with what the Batsocks lot are currently using their Idle cycles for.

Bold Unicode

ElectronicsPosted by condemned Wed, April 29, 2015 07:51:32
More progress on the Terminal. This time, I've overhauled the character-set and font system. It now not only handles the traditional G0/G1/G2/G3, GL/GR terminal buffers, but also understands UTF-8 encoded unicode. Oh, and I've added bold rendering...
That's a big 12x16 font...
Here's a similar thing at 6x8...
(note that the camera doesn't do "blinky goodness"justice)
Things get a bit silly when you go smaller than that, but might still be useful...

Things left to do:
per-row font sizing (and per-row double-height/double-width)
Comms config
prototype board layout

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