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Getting By

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Tiny Terminal Reboot

ElectronicsPosted by condemned Sun, March 29, 2015 20:42:19
After a 2+ year hiatus on the tiny terminal emulator, I've picked up the project again! My aims are slightly different this time:
  • OLED 128x64 (or possibly 128x32) monochrome screen
  • Intended for output only (e.g. no buttons, on-screen keyboard etc.)
  • TTL serial input (including auto-bauding)
  • 10x4 character display (with large font)
  • 32x12 character display (with tiny, barely readable font)
The only major hurdle at the moment is working out how unicode is dealt with. I've been naively assuming that VT200+ is all that's required, however modern linux doesn't seem to talk in G0,G1 pages... some investigation is needed.

Where would a blog post be without a picture?
That's a 12x16 pixel font.

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