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Breadboard Birdsnest

ElectronicsPosted by condemned Tue, August 28, 2012 11:50:52
I've been fiddling with my XMega based Tiny Terminal for some time now, and this birdsnest is where it's got to:

The breadboard holds:
One XMega PDI board (and power supply via USB).
One 5-way button board.
Two tactile buttons.
One 1.8" TFT colour screen.
One FTDI header (for using with a USB->serial adapter)
One RaspberryPi flying header
One TellyMate Tiny TV output board (for debugging)

Whilst it all works nicely, and is a great way of proving that it all works, it's not very tidy. It'll be nice to move the development onto a prototype PCB that's due any time now.

I'm just off to sit under the letterbox.

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