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4x6 font for XMega terminal

ElectronicsPosted by condemned Mon, August 06, 2012 12:56:21
I'm going to try and post a little more frequently here.
I need to shake off my 'only post finished stuff' mindset.
unfinished stuff is just as interesting (possibly more-so - mistakes are useful!)

I've recently been working on an XMega based terminal emulator. The aim is to have something that's useful to plug into an embedded linux box.

I've previously posted on AVRFreaks and in the Raspberry Pi forums. These showed black and white output whilst running on a tiny XProtolab board and screen.

I went back to the fonts just after posting the above entries and discovered that a 4x6 pixel font actually looked better on-screen that the 5x6 font shown. I think that taller, narrower fonts are easier on the eye:
4x6 font

(the focus is a little off - sorry. 0.96" screens are really small)

Note that my counting of 4x6 includes spacing, so actually only 3x5 pixels are generally available. It's really not easy designing a font this small. Note the odd way that 'e', 'g' and 's' aren't actually complete. Note also that 'm' and 'w' need to rely on the overall shape of the letter, rather than the detail.

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